How about investing some of your free time to earn money towards a free surf trip? We are always looking for new, competent people to add to our crew in many different areas:  photography, group leading, graphic design, or promoting the brand* in your circle of contacts and friends.


Are you wondering how you could use your free time in a way that could finance your next surf trip? If you’re the type of social animal who talks to everybody and like to promote activities or events, we’d like to hear from you!

Are you doing an exchange program and would like to have an internship experience to put on your resume? Or maybe you’re studying in Tourism and Travel and you’d like to build real experience in the field? We’re happy to take on internships of all kinds!

We’re currently offering internships of 5 months in these fields:

  • SEO (location free)
  • Graphic design (location free)
  • Sales/ marketing / promotion (location free)
  • Events planning in Canada and Europe
  • Surf teaching at destination
  • Tour Manager at destination
  • Photographer/Videographer at destination
  • Brand  Ambassador*

After 5 months, you could be offered a permanent position with us depending of job availabilities.

Do you have skills in graphic design, video making or photography?

Are you involved in social media marketing or blogging?

Shoot us an email and a link to your portfolio and join our team of artists and write who travel while living off their passion.

SURF Expedition is a family of fun, easy going, curious and passionate people who are seeing the richness in life in experience and memories. We’re always looking to welcome amazing people in our team. If you recognize yourself in these requirements, get in touch with us!

Required Personal Essentials:

  • Outgoing, charismatic, friendly & approachable
  • Disciplined and committed to the project
  • Self motivated & driven
  • Great communication skills
  • You must possess a strong work ethic

* Candidates who are university students or recent graduates are preferred for this position.

Do you think that you would be a great fit for our team? Fill out the application form below to let us know why we should hire you. Once we have had an opportunity to check out your application we will get back to you with information of the availability of positions in your area along with more details of how you get paid!

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