Testimonial from Eb Finley from our surf trip in Nicaragua

“I’ve traveled a lot in my life and every time, I learn something new. “


Eb Finley

Eb Finley came to visit us in Nicaragua during our Spring Break surf trip, filming a personal project


For those who do not know her, Eb Finley is a former 33mag blogger who launched her own blog last summer, which is called « monamour2.0 » and she is now working a personal project that will be presented shortly on television. She came to visit us during our last surf trip in Nicaragua to film her experience with Surf Expedition and interviewed Sebastien Langelier, founder of this Surf camp company.

She also wrote an article on Surf Expedition while she was working at 33mag blog. Read more about it by clicking on the link below: http://www.33mag.com/fr/2015/06/15/des-voyages-de-surf-qui-sortent-des-sentiers-battus

Surf Expedition

“With Surf Expedition, I’ve learned that they are no boundaries in your life, only the ones you impose on yourself. “

“I’ve learned to push my limits and that fear is a concept that doesn’t exist. Why? Because with this trip, you do a whole lot more than just surfing, you can challenge yourself to do abseiling down a 100m cliff, go volcano boarding down a volcano as fast as you can, swim into underwater caves and a lot more. I’m terrified of height, but with the help of my friends at Surf Expedition, I conquered that fear and had the adventure of my life!”

Surf Expedition

“This company is so different from all the other ones out there, I felt right at home and made new friends instantly.”

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Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/monamour20blog/?fref=ts

33 mag blog posts available on LinkedIn profile: Ebonie Roberge