Our mission is to provide genuine surf trip experiences by promoting the discovery of new cultures and personal development while sharing our passion for surfing and travel.

Be the standard for managing surf travel internationnally and be recognized as a mark of quality in the surf industry.

We believe that travelling is the best way to take an overall view of the world and that it influences our life goals by questionning the importance of acummulating material goods compared to living unforgettable experiences of freedom, sharing our passions and living intensely an adventurous and exciting life.


Surfing is more than just a sport for us, it’s a lifestyle, and environment in which we push our limits everyday to stay hype, happy, physically fit and connected with nature.

One of our core values is the protection of the environment. We are constantly in contact with it whether we are in the ocean, in the jungle, the mountains or walking barefoot on a dirt road in the rain. We have a beautiful planet and its preservation is a priority for us. We support any initiatives on reforestation and conservation of wildlife. We are associated with the company 10 trees, a Canadian company that plant 10 trees for every t-shirt sold.


Another of our values is to help one another. We want to show how surfing and traveling can bring happiness, relaxation and a sense of achievement. During our travel, we are often in contact with victims of poverty and we try our best to share our wealth and knowledge to help them. Whether taking a hungry child to a restaurant or providing a meal to a homeless person, we try to sweeten the day of a person in need when we have the occasion because sometimes it doesn’t take much to help someone change his vision to a more positive state of mind.


In a recent trip to Colombia, we provided materials for repairing surfboards that were given by the  Share the stoke foundation. In Nicaragua and Panama, we are giving soccer balls and school material to young children in the regions we operate. We also encourage our travelers to bring a gift or something to leave to the children of the country visited.


Our friends at Hurley support us and we are proud to be affiliated with them because we think they are one of the big surf companies that contribute the most to help others and diminish their foot print on the environment. Jon Rose at Hurley put together the Wave for Water foundation and he’s doing an amazing job at supplying clean water to third world countries impacted by natural disasters. You too can change the world by starting your own campaign on their web site to gather funds and bring water filters to people in need on your next surf trip.


Hurley are also raising the bar when it comes to using recycled material to produce their apparel. Did you know that you can find 12 plastic bottles in a pair of Hurley Phantom Fuse 3 boardhorts?


For all the gear we produce, we meet with the direct artisans and make sure they are happy to work with us, that the price we pay for the products is fair and that they are working in a decent environment. We employ local Nicaraguayan people to produce all our shirts and caps, which they make at their house or personal workshop.