The Company

At SURF Expedition, we are passionate travellers and hardcore backpackers who’ve been touring the world endlessly in search for the best waves and places to discover. We believe that there is more than material objects in this world, that happiness resides in creating memorable experiences by meeting new and interesting people in places that we would’ve never thought to see in our lifetime.

The more you travel, the less you want to accumulate, the less you accumulate, the more free you become… And freedom is just awesome !

Immerse yourself in this lifestyle, leave your worries at home and escape the 9 to 5 to reconnect with your true self. Life is long, there are many, many places to discover.

Unleash your curiosity and come surf the world with us on our next expedition. We promise you won’t regret it !


SURF Expedition founder Seb

Sebastien first got into skateboarding at the age of 10. At 16, he worked as a snowboard instructor and moved to Whistler, BC after college to work as a snowboard instructor in the week-end and hit the park during the week. Being an adventurer at a young age, he travelled Canada hopping freight trains during summer time with his backpack, a pot of peanut butter and a few cans of tuna.

He studied marketing and management at university, joined the sailing team at HEC Montréal and participated in the international EDHEC sailing regate on the Atlantic Ocean, representing Canada. The next year, he moved to Spain to study international business at ESADE in Barcelona and backpacked all around Europe and Morocco. It’s on this trip in Morocco that he discovered a passion for surfing.

After finishing university, he moved to Australia and backpacked through South East Asia for a full year, returning to Indonesia various times, one of his favorite places on earth. Between selling real estate developments in downtown Montreal (his corporate job) and leaving on 6 months holidays in search for new surfing spots, he was looking for a place to invest in a small surf resort and surround himself with what he loves… nature and perfect uncrowded waves.

More than wenty five countries later (and thousands of crazy experiences), he decided he just wasn’t made for settling down in one place. Coming and living on and off to Central and South America since 2009, he became a real expert of the surf spots in Mexico, Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia and Peru. This is when he realised that the best way to share his passion would be to bring people surfing to his favorite spots on the planet. SURF Expedition was born.