Hurricane Edouard

Surf’s up Party Time!

Hurricane Edouard is coming tomorrow and should hit the whole Atlantic coast from Puerto Rico to Halifax, meaning everybody get to surf some fun waves! With the east coast showing a 5 stars forecast in many spots in New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Maine, it’s time to call sick at work and head south even if you’re stranded in Québec.

Hurricane Edouard Hampton Beach Forecast

Hurricane Edouard Hampton Beach Forecast


Magicseaweed is even offering a free 12 months premium subscription to the best shot for each spot. So don’t forget your camera!

We’ll also like to see your best shot on our Surf Expedition Facebook page,  so if you post your best shot and get 20 likes for it you’ll get a Surf Expedition t-shirt and a 50$ travel voucher*



( *Maximum 1 entry per person.)