Who we are

Our Mission


Our mission is to provide genuine surf trip experiences by promoting the discovery of new cultures and personal development while sharing our passion for surfing and travel

Our Values


One of our core values is the protection of the environment. We are constantly in contact with it whether we are in the ocean, in the jungle, the mountains or walking barefoot on a dirt road in the rain. We have a beautiful planet and its preservation is a priority for us. We support any initiatives on reforestation and conservation of wildlife. We try to cultivate all the food that we can ourself at our property in our growing organic garden


Another of our values is to help one another. We want to show how surfing and traveling can bring happiness, relaxation and a sense of achievement. During our travel, we are often in contact with victims of poverty and we try our best to share our wealth and knowledge to help them. Whether taking a hungry child to a restaurant or providing a meal to a homeless person, we try to sweeten the day of a person in need when we have the occasion because sometimes it doesn’t take much to help someone change his vision to a more positive state of mind.


In a recent trip to Colombia, we provided materials for repairing surfboards, in Nicaragua and Panama, we are giving soccer balls and school material to young children in the regions we operate.


For all the gear we produce, we meet with the direct artisans and make sure they are happy to work with us, that the price we pay for the products is fair and that they are working in a decent environment. We employ local Nicaraguayan people to produce all our shirts and caps, which they make at their house or personal workshop.


All our suppliers are local, we work with a local guide in Costa Rica to offer horseback riding tours and with a local artisan to propose a chocolate making workshop. We have been working with the same family of fisherman for all our boat transportation needs in Costa Rica and with the same local entrepreneur in Nicaragua to supply the transport for our tours, since the creation of our company in 2013.

Our Philosophy of Life


We believe that travelling is the best way to take an overall view of the world and that it influences our life goals by questioning the importance of accumulating material goods compared to living unforgettable experiences of freedom, sharing our passions and living intensely an adventurous and exciting life.


Surfing is more than just a sport for us, it’s a lifestyle, and environment in which we push our limits everyday to stay hype, happy, physically fit and connected with nature.


 “The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new”- Socrates


At Surf Expedition our philosophy is to make each day a masterpiece:  Because of our busy lifestyles, it is often easy to lose sight of the importance of each day, we are fortunate enough to have so many days, but never seem to make the most of them. But it has been said that a single day serves as a microcosm of your life, we want to help you spend your days with us, in a way that embodies the way you would want to live your life.  At the end of it all, your life will boil down to the accumulation of all your days, and will serve as your masterpiece, we would like to make sure that each day in our company will help you chisel the great sculpture that is your life.  We want you to treat each day in our camp the same, we do not want you to write off days as being “bad”, because a day is a gift and still counts towards a total work of art.


To Live simply and happy:   “If you spend your whole life waiting for the storm, you will never enjoy the sunshine”– Morris West


Have you ever wondered what it would be like to feel happy, wild, free and relaxed. You can achieve that with us by filling each moment of your day simply, but with fun, adventure and happiness?


Our goal is to help you experience the freedom of being one with nature, and feeling the healing power of the ocean.


Take time to re-soul:  the great physiologist Walter Cannon said:- “There is an innate wisdom in our bodies. May we align with the inner wisdom we all possess”.  At Surf Expedition we are explorers at heart.  Our passion and motivation is to promote a good healthy lifestyle, because we are aware of the mind-body unity.  We would like you to leave us with a rejuvenated soul, and your physical well being totally re-boosted.  An injection of new found energy giving you the power to re-design the life you desire


Lead with spirit:-  Mother Teresa said that the secret to her leadership was:- “Small work with great love”


We believe that leading is giving, a relationship rooted in community and nature. Our journey is a search for collective spirit and true community with others.  The first step towards enlightment and exploration of our inner being/soul, the search for our spiritual centre,  to share, inspire and be inspired. Spirit means life, living with meaning, purpose , compassion, awareness, love, courage, power and hope, the direction we would like to lead you in.


Always try to do the right thing right:- Napoleon Hill “Don’t wait the time will never be just right”


It always seems like something is just not right in order to start something new in your life. But the timing may never be perfect, you just have to get it started so that things can begin to develop.  You make things right as you go along. As things pick up steam and build momentum you will realize that the “just right thinking” was just an excuse to delay the start or procrastinate.  You will thank yourself for trying to do the right thing.


By doing the right thing we tend to get the same things back.  We want to give value to the people around us, we feel that doing the right thing for ourselves and towards others certainly makes us better people.  Building up our self esteem and that of others too, it creates great self-acceptance, helping us be true to you and ourselves too.


It is said that by giving off positive energy, we reap the benefits of receiving what we give off, so come join us, to share in the spirit of positivity, kindness, good vibes, peacefulness and happiness

The Company

At Surf Expedition, we are passionate travellers who’ve been touring the world endlessly in search for the best waves and places to discover. We believe that there is more than material objects in this world, that happiness resides in creating memorable experiences by meeting new and interesting people in places that we would’ve never thought to see in our lifetime.

“The more you travel, the less you want to accumulate, the less you accumulate, the more free you become… And freedom is just awesome !”

Immerse yourself in this lifestyle, leave your worries at home and escape the 9 to 5 to reconnect with your true self. Life is long, there are many, many places to discover. So unleash your curiosity and come surf the world with us on your next holiday. We promise you won’t regret it !



I first got into skateboarding at the age of 10. At 16, I started teaching snowboarding and ended up moving to Whistler, BC after college to work as a snowboard instructor on the weekend and hit the park during the week. I came back from Whistler hopping freight trains across Canada during the summer with my backpack, a pot of peanut butter, and a few cans of tuna. This experience of being out of the beaten path and living free changed my life forever.

I came back to Montreal to study marketing and management at university, joined the sailing team at HEC Montréal, and participated in the international EDHEC sailing regatta on the Atlantic Ocean. With some friends, we founded  VIDA (now renamed VISA) the outdoor sports association at HEC Montréal, to mix foreign students and local students while organizing unique sports outings like backcountry skiing, rafting, night skiing, parachuting, movie festivals, and many more. The next year, I had the incredible opportunity to go study international business at ESADE in Barcelona, Spain and this trip allowed me to backpack all around Europe and Morocco outside of school semesters. It’s on this trip to Morocco that I discovered a passion for surfing.


After finishing university, I backpacked through South East Asia, Australia, and New Zealand for a full year, returning to Indonesia various times, which became one of my favorite places on earth. Juggling between a young corporate career in real estate and leaving on 6 month exploratory trip in search of new surfing spots, I was looking for to surround myself with what I loved… nature and perfect uncrowded waves.

Coming and living on and off to Central and South America since 2009, I finally decided to leave the corporate life behind and to take the leap to create Surf Expedition in 2013. Two years later, I met my partner Dian and we stumbled upon a beautiful place by the ocean at my favorite remote surf location. The mix of her delicious and colorful cuisine and my surf teaching and travel organization background allowed us to offer a unique experience to our guests and travelers.

“This is when I realized that the best way to share my passion would be to introduce people to surfing and take them on a journey off the beaten path. I didn’t want to just create another surf school, I wanted to create a unique travel experience. Surf Expedition was born.”

Join the adventure…

You too can jump into discovering new paradises, start surfing and living a life full of adventure. To give you a taste of our adventures, here is a web serie that we’ve produced to show you who we are, what drive us and what surrounds surfing aside the main stereotypes. Moments of discovering new waves, adventuring ourselves on far away islands or surf spots off the beaten path, finding beauty in untouched nature… more challenging moments like injuries, weather we can’t control…or exciting swell forecast coming up… the true happiness found in living a different day everyday, far from the typical routine, and more than everything feeling the accomplishment of improving our own surfing. I hope it will inspire you!

Here is a short web serie produced during a season in Central America, between Panama, Costa Rica and Nicaragua.


You can also see all our most recent videos by subscribing to our youtube channel here )