Planning a surf trip during the holidays?

If you are planning a surf trip during the Christmas holidays, make sure you check the airlines baggages fees for a surf board before buying your tickets. For example, United Airlines charges you 200$ each way to bring a surfboard, Delta charges you 150$ each way, and Air Canada charges you 50$. So if your ticket is 100$ less with United, you’re still better off getting there with Air Canada.

The tricky part is when you buy a ticket from Air Canada but the flight is operated by United. I’ve called to verify and Air Canada says that the charges will be according to the policy of the operator. You can always try to argue at the counter, but it’s getting harder every year.

Sometimes the best deal is to leave your board at home, buy one at location and resell it before leaving the country (or leaving it at a friend’s house for the next time you’re there).

Here is a list of all the airlines cost for transporting a surf board.